Pet Bliss


It happens every Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve: fireworks fill the air with flashes and booms, and cats and dogs by the dozens flee in fright, winding up in pounds and shelters. Their owners are just as anxious as their pets. To spare our beloved animal companions from stress and terror, we have made this all-natural calming formula. Just a few drops under the tongue will take the edge off—and relaxed pets mean less stress for us as well. The all-natural ingredients are formulated to wear off in just a few hours, and there are no lingering effects, none of the drowsiness and confusion of pharmaceutical tranquilizers.

Thunderstorms? Long car trips? Recovery from surgery? For any situation likely to subject our animal companions to fear or mental discomfort, we recommend our natural pet bliss formula. It contains flower essences of snapdragon, borage, honeysuckle, and other ingredients to promote calmness and well-being—and it works. 2 oz.

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